Ensemble Sensors

Although the Ensemble software is designed to work with a wide range of input devices, we've also developed some our own to fill the gaps. These wireless sensors and interfaces work with a USB receiver called the Ensemble Mini. Plug the Mini into your PC and then add any combination of wireless Ensemble devices.


With such a wide range of accessible switches available, the last thing you want to do is have to buy more just to use with Ensemble. That's why we've developed the Connect which allows you to use your existing switches wirelessly with the Ensemble software.

Plug in up to four switches using the 3.5mm sockets. Each one can be linked to an output or series of outputs using the Ensemble Designer software. Add more Connects for additional switches or users.

Powered by two AA batteries.

Mike Sissons, Teacher at the Dales School

"The wireless equipment means you can just walk straight across to a pupil and give them a switch and you can put it in the position that’s most accessible for them."

Mike Sissons, The Dales School


One of our most popular sensors, this unit knows exactly which way up it is. Used either hand-held or placed inside a soft play cube for throwing around a room, each side of the Dice can be used to trigger an effect in the Ensemble software.

Powered by two AA batteries.

Diane Paterson

"The groups love the wireless dice! We can spend a quarter of an hour sometimes just enjoying playing the sounds triggered by the dice. Choose a friend and throw it to them!"

Diane Paterson, YAMSEN


Play the Ensemble Press with the head, finger or any part of the body where you have good control. It's extremely sensitive so requires practice to get the most out of it, just like a real musical instrument.

Only a small amount of pressure is needed on the touch sensitive pad on the top surface of this sensor to create a variable signal. It detects the change of pressure over a small range, meaning you can have precise control over musical notes or add expression to a performance.

Watch Vibeke (from the SKUG Centre in Norway) trying the Press sensor for the first time at the beginning of the video, or see her full session on YouTube.

Powered by two AA batteries.

Tim Anderson

"The fact she can touch the sensor all the time helps her keep in position, and the tactile feedback is really helping her to feel the connection between her movement and the notes created."

Tim Anderson, Inclusive Music


This is a unique sensor in our range, as it doesn't detect a specific movement but a specific ID. RFID tags contain little chips with unique numbers in them. When the tag comes within a few centimetres of the sensor, the number is read and sent to the software.

Tags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including stickers and credit card style. Attach a tag to an object, teach Ensemble to recognise the unique ID and then link that ID in your map.

Use objects to trigger sequences, lights, sound clips, videos and images. Bring storytelling alive!

Powered by two AA batteries.

Hand holding RFID tag to Ensemble Tag

Ensemble Mini

Plug this compact dongle into a spare USB port on your PC to allow it to communicate with all the Ensemble wireless devices. This, together with the Ensemble software, is all you need to get playing.

Ensemble Mini plugged into a USB port