Ensemble is designed to be a musical instrument, so MIDI and sound generation are at its heart. We also know that multi sensory stimulus can be very important to both players and audience. That’s why Ensemble can be used to trigger and control images, video, lighting and special effects.

Sound & MIDI

Notes, chords, sound effects and samples - trigger and control sound on your PC or send MIDI to other music software like Ableton or E-Scape.

Audio Clips

Play mp3 and wav sound files.

MIDI Notes

Play notes and step through scales or patterns of notes.

MIDI Chords

Play chords and step through sequences with arpeggiation.

MIDI Controllers

Use controllers to add musical expression.

Lighting & Effects

A USB-to-DMX interface opens up a world of lighting and effects. With thousands of DMX fixtures available, you can add moving lights, colour washes and even smoke to your performances.

Preset DMX

Send simple DMX to turn on and off individual channels.

Variable DMX

A virtual lighting slider sent on a single DMX channel.

DMX Scene

A virtual lighting desk covering all DMX channels.

Colour Picker

Control colour wash lighting using the RGB picker.

Moving Lights & Scanners

Change the position, colour and gobo of moving lights.

Image & Video

Connect a video projector and transform your space with interactive images and video. Trigger an image when a sensor is played, add backgrounds to create a mood or control videos as part of a story.

Image & Video

Still and moving images in various formats.