For a range of abilities you need a range of different controllers. We believe that a single input device won’t work for everyone so, as well as making our own controllers, we’ve designed Ensemble to work with other assistive and mainstream technologies including games controllers, MIDI, Keyboards & Mice and OSC

Ensemble Sensors

Our own range of wireless sensors and interfaces for when nobody else has quite what you're looking for. Plug the Ensemble Mini USB dongle into your PC and use up to five devices at the same time.

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Dice sensor held in a hand

This smart little sensor knows which way up you are holding it.


Connect with a switch plugged into socket one

An interface for your existing accessible switches.


Press held in a hand with a thumb pressing on the pad

A pressure-sensitive pad for those with fine motor skills.


RFID Tag being held to the Ensemble Tag reader

Use cards and other objects as triggers.

Games Controllers

Ensemble can use anything your PC sees as a joystick or gamepad as an input device. This includes everything from an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to USB switch boxes.

Explore Games Controllers.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Wireless games controller with USB receiver

Use up to four wireless controllers with a single receiver.

Xbox 360 Wired Controllers

Multiple joysticks and buttons from one handheld device.

Origin Instruments Swifty

Use two wired switches with this compact USB interface.

SimplyWorks Switches

USB interface and wireless switch

Completely wireless switches with this easy to use system.

Crick Switch Interface

USB switch interface in square box

Convert this four input switch box into a musical instrument.


USB switch interface with captive cable

Two switch inputs make this a mobile solution.


Give a whole new lease of life to old MIDI equipment as well as making use of new controllers. Use Notes, Controllers and Program Change messages to trigger events in Apollo Ensemble.

See what you can do with MIDI.

Numark Orbit

Handheld controller with buttons and a large dial

A wireless DJ controller with buttons and accelerometers.


MIDIcreator with blue front panel and sixteen sockets

Upcycle your MIDIcreator with our custom Smartcard.


Beamz controller with four laser beams

Use this laser controller in MIDI mode.

Keyboard & Mouse

Use your keyboard or mouse with Ensemble and transform key presses and mouse clicks into sounds and notes. Works with anything that appears to your PC as a keyboard or mouse.

Discover how you can use keyboards and mice.

Mouse button

Mouse button icon for Ensemble software

Left, middle and right button clicks.


Keyboard icon for Ensemble software

Use any key on your keyboard.


A MakeyMakey board

Turn everyday items into triggers.


Open Sound Control (OSC) is widely used by music software and apps for the transmission of musical information over wired and wireless networks.

Find out more about using OSC with Ensemble.

OSC Receiver

Mouse button icon for Ensemble software

Define your own OSC input strings to receive messages in Ensemble.


TouchOSC logo

Create your own touchscreen interfaces for iOS & Android.