MIDI is the international standard that lets electronic musical instruments and software communicate. MIDI controllers come in all shapes and sizes, meaning you can find something to suit your individual playing style. With the standard going back to the early 1980's you can also give a whole new lease of life to old music equipment. You can then use Ensemble as a universal software interface to help you create music, sound, light and image.

MIDI can also be sent via software programmes like sequencers, so you can control Ensemble from other software.

Ensemble Designer screen with MIDI In triggering Image and Sound

Notes, Controllers & Program Change

Ensemble comes with blocks to detect MIDI Notes, Controllers and Program Change messages. Choose between two different MIDI input devices, each with sixteen channels.

Trigger from any note or select a specific note number.

Choose the controller number and use percentage or absolute values.

Program Change
Trigger from a specific Program Change number.

Hardware Controllers

A vast number of MIDI controllers are available, designed for all sorts of applications. From MIDI drums to keyboards; laser harps to grid controllers, you're bound to find something that will suit your requirements. Connect them to your PC (using either the included USB, wireless or MIDI connection) and then set them up in the Ensemble software.

We have blocks and settings for some interesting controllers available to download from our Resource library, including the Beamz and Numark Orbit. Alternatively you can use the standard MIDI blocks to transform your controller.

The images and video show the Orbit, a wireless MIDI controller designed for DJ's but ideal for exploring sounds in a music session.

The Ensemble software is also an ideal way to make use of old MIDI controllers, like the MIDIcreator. You can 'upcycle' any MIDI device by using it to trigger and control samples, notes and even lighting and sound. Why not check your cupboards for equipment that can be given a new lease of life with Ensemble?

Pressing keys on the Orbit wireless MIDI controller
Ensemble and E-Scape running on two computers


By installing a virtual MIDI cable such as LoopBe you can join music software together on a single PC. Select the virtual MIDI cable in the same way as you would a hardware MIDI interface – Ensemble simply sees it as another MIDI device.

Send MIDI messages to Ensemble to trigger lighting and effects, or control it from a software instrument like MIDIgrid or E-Scape.